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Easy Handmade Easter Cards Using Alcohol Inks

My lake inspired alcohol ink cards and my alcohol ink Valentine’s Day cards were both big hits, so I’m excited to show you today’s easy handmade Easter cards made using alcohol inks and stickers with bunnies and chicks!  These are really fun and super easy to make, but the marbled design makes them each one of a kind.  The stickers are optional – I just stumbled across them at Dollarama and they were too cute to pass up.  I’m a total sucker for anything with aqua eggs these days!

alcohol ink easter cardshandmade easter cards

The Easter puns, however, are NOT optional 😉

easy handmade easter cards using alcohol inks

Supplies for Handmade Easter Cards:

These are the exact blank cards I used, I found them at Michael’s:

pastel colored blank cards and envelopes

And here’s a closer look at the stickers, I found something similar (here) but these are from Dollarama. I bet Michael’s has something cute like this too.

Easter stickers

How to Make Handmade Easter Cards:

The first step was to create a couple of sheets of marbled designs.  Check out my post on alcohol ink art for the basics.  To make these, I focused on using pinks, greens, teals, and purple with a little bit of a golden yellow.  I used a translucent yupo paper, but the opaque works too.  Usually I don’t need to clear coat alcohol ink art but the one silver ink kept rubbing, off so I used the same Krylon clear coat I use for my other alcohol ink projects (like these ceramic pieces and the alcohol ink coasters) and sealed these sheets with a quick spray.  I just gave them a thin coat, outside.  I let them dry overnight before clear coating and then overnight before cutting up and using them, but that’s probably overkill.  When I say, “let them dry overnight” it means I got distracted, played with the chickens, made dinner, it got dark and, boom, it’s time for bed.

alcohol ink art

I only needed the two sheets to make about a dozen cards.  Here’s a closer look at the designs – I really wanted to frame that first one!

pastel alcohol ink art turquoise alcohol ink art

I printed some egg templates (free online) and traced them onto a scrap of cardboard and used it to trace and cut out the egg shapes from the alcohol ink yupo paper.

how to make Easter cards

I just traced on to the back and then cut them out with sharp scissors:

easy egg themed Easter cards

I typed up some messages on my blank cards and then glued on some of my alcohol ink egg cut outs, using a regular glue stick.  Then I added some of these cute stickers!  If you’re mailing them, save some to decorate the envelope too.

Bunny stickers

And that’s it!  It’s super easy to make these handmade Easter cards using alcohol inks:

how to make Easter cards

The little glass chicken is a thrift store find – it’s vintage 1960s Anchor Hocking.  I put it back because my chicken collection is getting out of hand, but then my Mom convinced me to go back and get it.  Now I keep it filled with Cadbury mini eggs and I’ve gained about 10 pounds so this was a terrible purchase, lol.

handmade cards for spring

I used a vintage typewriter for my messages, but you can skip that or do some hand lettering – or just write your message inside.  Easter and spring are the perfect time to bust out your worst egg puns.  I, myself, have become an eggspert in the field of terrible egg puns.  And I firmly believe that egg puns are eggactly what people need right now.

alcohol ink Easter card DIY tutorial Easter pun cards

I cut one egg in half (freehand) to create a cracked egg for the “you crack me up” card.  It’s an eggcellent idea, haha.  These handmade Easter cards are fun to make because kids will love this craft idea (stickers!!), but it’s satisfying for adults too because the alcohol inks are so pretty!

cute and easy DIY Easter cards with puns easter egg themed DIY cards

Hopefully (hop-fully?) these handmade Easter cards using alcohol inks have inspired you to make your own cards or try alcohol inks, once and for all!  Click this link to see all of my other alcohol ink projects – and then get cracking!

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Easy DIY Easter CardsEasy DIY Easter Cards


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