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Faceted Gem DIY Resin Magnets | Coal for Stockings?

I made these faceted DIY resin magnets awhile ago, thinking they might look like coal for stockings if I made them black?  But my mold is definitely “gem” shaped and they ended up looking more glam.  I still think they’d made a fun DIY stocking stuffer though, so I wanted to share – plus it’s a blast from the past seeing the kitchen with turquoise cabinets and these shelves!   I wasn’t kidding when I said I made these aaawwwhiiile ago.

Faceted Gem DIY Resin Magnets | Coal for Stockings?Faceted Gem DIY Resin Magnets | Coal for Stockings?Making Resin Magnets

Supplies for DIY Resin Magnets:

Gem Shaped Magnet DIY

Below is a photo of the exact brand of resin I used.  The above measurements make 12 magnets in my gem shaped silicone mold (edit: mine sold out so here is a nearly identical one).  I found another silicone mold that is less gem shaped and more rock shaped and that might make a more realistic coal shaped magnet.

Faceted Gem DIY Resin Magnets | Coal for Stockings?Gem Shaped Silicone Mold

How to Make DIY Resin Magnets:

Making resin magnets ended up being really easy – but SO stinky!  If you can, do this project outside or in a well ventilated garage (just read the instructions to make sure the temperature is correct).  Making resin magnets is also potentially messy.  I didn’t spill any, but if you do, apparently it’s really, really difficult to clean up.  So protect your work surface, and put on some crummy clothes, safety glasses, gloves – the whole, super chic DIYer ensemble, haha.

Faceted Gem DIY Resin Magnets | Coal for Stockings?

First place the silicone mold on a hard, flat surface (like a cutting board) because it will make it easier to move your project somewhere else to let it set.  Mix the casting resin and catalyst (sold together, but separated) in a plastic mixing cup (grab something from the garbage/recycling) with a wooden stir stick.  The can will have the instructions so follow them to the letter!  Then you can stir in glitter and a little colorant (I used black) and pour it carefully into the silicone mold.  I let it set for a bit in place and then carried it to the fish room, so it could fully set undisturbed.  Once it had set fully (it took a few days), I mixed up some 2-part epoxy and affixed a strong, flat magnet to the back:

How to Make Fridge MagnetsFaceted Gem DIY Resin Magnets | Coal for Stockings?

These gem shaped DIY resin magnets turned out so adorable!  Even if they don’t look like coal for stockings.  But of course I love a gem shaped anything (frankly, all rocks and minerals).  I have a LOT of resin left, which is perfect because I’d like to try doing some marbled acrylic pouring and some other casting projects.  This was my first attempt and I just followed the instructions on the can – but added my own sparkle.  There are some imperfections in my casting, so I’m going to keep experimenting, but I wanted to share so that you could see that even a resin-newbie can create something cute!

Modern Fridge Magnet DIY Faceted Gem DIY Resin Magnets | Coal for Stockings? Coal for Stocking DIY Gift

P.S. I really love this gem shaped silicone mold, don’t I?  Recognize it from my DIY shower melts?  Or my refined sugar-free DIY gummy candies?



  1. Ann
    December 9, 2019 / 7:49 pm

    You never cease to amaze me with your creative genius. Hubby and I made our fourth Christmas tree that you highlighted several years ago. Our daughter moved out and wanted her own. Thanks for all your wonderful ideas.

    • December 9, 2019 / 8:38 pm

      Hi Ann! Thanks for your kind comment, that’s so nice to hear. Every time I see a photo of my trees I think of yours, and what a beautiful job you and your husband did making them. I gave my two away but I think I finally want to make a set to keep. I am so thrilled to hear you’ve made even more and that your daughter wanted one too! That makes me so happy, I love knowing I have a teeny tiny, itty bitty role in bringing some joy to the world 🙂

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