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How to Install Plumbing Fixtures Where You Didn’t Think it Was Possible

This post is sponsored by SANIFLO® Canada, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

One of my favorite things about running Dans le Lakehouse is connecting with interesting brands that make innovative products.  Living in cottage country, I face some uncommon obstacles and challenges, like living with a septic system, which restricts where we can build things – and even what we can flush or pour down the sink.  We also have a well, which you’ve heard me complain bitterly about this year (thanks to chronic low water levels we attribute to freezing.)  We’re lucky though, because our house – even though it was someone else’s summer place – is fully winterized and was built as it stands today.  In our neighborhood others weren’t so lucky because some homes were cobbled together with various additions built onto one older cabin.  That kind of construction makes renovating so much more difficult!  Because I’m hyper aware of extra complications when it comes to renovating, I’m always interested in products that help work around the problems – any problems! – that keep people from making their house their dream home.

Saniflo Toilet Systems

When SANIFLO® Canada reached out to me, I was immediately intrigued because they make a lot of novel plumbing products that make installation possible where it might have been impossible – or super cost prohibitive.  They use above-floor plumbing technology to pump wastewater vertically and/or horizontally and is designed to be installed on top of any finished floor surface, which is perfect for spaces where below-floor drainage isn’t an option.

Add Bathroom Where There isn't Plumbing

When I describe two of these products, you’ll immediately see why these products are perfect for the cottage, but really there are so many other applications – basically anywhere you’d like to add some plumbing fixtures!

For example, the SANISWIFT® is a compact drain-water pump designed with three inlets which can connect indirectly to a washing machine and/or directly to a sink, shower, and more.  This pump, which fits inside a cabinet or under a sink, enables homeowners to easily install laundry facilities in a rental suite or at the cottage, where facilities don’t already exist.  But even if you already have a laundry room in a basement, this pump allows for easy relocation of a laundry room to a main floor – or simply a renovation of the existing space – without having to open walls or break a concrete floor (honestly my worse nightmare).

Above Floor Plumbing

Interesting, right?  The SANISWIFT opens up a whole new set of possibilities and I don’t think there’s a single basement launderer/launderess out there who isn’t still pondering that “main floor laundry room” option.

You can think really big with the SANIBEST PRO®, which is a grinder pump system that can be used to install a complete bathroom. If you’re thinking of adding a rental suite or renovating a cottage, this system is so practical because it can handle a toilet, sink and shower/tub.  You can use this system to install or renovate any bathroom space with easy, above-floor installation and very little construction.  This also means that maybe that master bedroom ensuite bathroom you’ve been pining for (guilty) is more within reach than you realize!

Basically, if you have been dreaming of a plumbing renovation but can’t do below-floor drainage or don’t want to break the concrete, you should check out the SANIFLO website ( – you’ll find lots of other pioneering products that might be able to help you maximize your home’s convenience.



  1. April 26, 2018 / 9:55 pm

    Saniflo is great as you don’t have to break into a cement floor, however, when you flush the toilet it’s quite noisy, sounds exactly like the toilet on a plane. so it takes some getting used to. plus the price point, $1,000. or so.

    • Tanya from Dans le Lakehouse
      April 27, 2018 / 1:55 pm

      That’s good info to know! Have you installed one in your house?

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