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Easy DIY Tassel Key Chain

I am so excited to show you how I made this easy DIY tassel key chain (or purse fob!).

DIy Tassel Purse Fob

While I was organizing the fish room, I came across so many craft supplies that I had forgotten about.  Having everything in one lovely space, in beautifully organized Ikea cabinets no less, has really sparked my creativity and I decided to challenge myself to use up some of these sidelined supplies.  I have been quite the prolific crafter lately – and this DIY tassel is currently a favorite.

This DIY tassel project is using up a supply that will really date me: embroidery thread.  I found a big bag of it, but it’s not from my abandoned embroidery project.  Nope, it’s from those ubiquitous knotted friendship bracelets – when they were trendy the first time around.  I’ve been really loving the tassel trend, but couldn’t think of where I wanted a tassel (pillows? throw blanket? nope – can’t be anywhere the puppers can reach).  Then I came across my collection of vintage skeleton keys (they used to be framed) and it suddenly dawned on me:  make some cute tassel key chains that can also be used as cute tassel purse fobs!  As luck would have it, I also happened to have two large bead caps that I had purchased about 15 years ago for another project, and these caps made the finished tassels look very polished.

When I was done, I had re-purposed a lot of pretty bits and bobs, which were all collecting dust, into two pretty DIY tassel key chains – one for my Mom and one for me.

Handmade Craft Idea: DIY Tassel

If you want to add some flair to your keys or purse, here’s what you’ll need to make a large embroidery thread tassel.

Supplies for a DIY Tassel Key Chain:

DIY Tassel Tutorial with Supply List

Although you can make a tassel by simply folding a skein in half, I wanted to really mix the different colored threads together.  My Mom offered up a second set of hands and I wound the thread into a loop, working the coppery hue evenly in with my bright aqua.

How to Use Up Emrboidery Thread

Then I folded the loop we formed in half and tied it tightly with a length of embroidery floss.  I wrapped it a few times, tied it, then kept wrapping and tied it again so the knot was secure.  Then I just let the ends of the knot blend into the rest of the threads.

Embroidery Thread Project Idea

Before moving on to the next step, I grabbed the sharpest scissors in my arsenal and trimmed the edges.  Five or six times.  There’s always that one that thread skips a trim!  Then I opened up the loop on my eye pin and slipped on the thread before closing the loop with needle nosed pliers:

Things to Make with Embroidery Floss

Then I added my bead cap and a turquoise bead at the end (optional), before cutting the end of the eye pin shorter and forming a loop with my needle nose pliers.  I have a great how-to for creating eye pin loops in my tutorial for beaded Christmas spiders, linked here.

I added a jump ring, which I connected to a slightly larger jump ring, which was then attached to my vintage skeleton key.  Easy peasy!  I added a key ring and was happy to add a splash of aqua to my truck keys, thanks to this easy DIY tassel key chain.

DIY Tassel Instructions

For my Mom’s blue ombre embroidery thread DIY tassel, I used a ball chain instead of a key ring:

DIY Embroidery Thread Tassel

I love the embroidery thread tassel on its own, but the addition of a vintage skeleton key is fun – and I get to use pieces of my collection!  Skeleton keys have always fascinated me, but my framed collection didn’t really jibe with the beachy look I’m cultivating in the lakehouse so I had packed them away.  It’s nice to be able to enjoy them again.

How to Make a Tassel

Plus there’s something really soothing about smoothing out the strands of the embroidery floss – it’s kind of like a stress ball.  When I hold my keys, I started to calmly fiddle with the strands and it’s interestingly meditative; it makes me feel very chill.  So if you’re a bundle of energy like me, you might find this DIY tassel key chain soothing too!

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DIY Tassel KeyChain

DIY Tassel Key Chain

And if crafting this tassel key chain isn’t your jam, you can also purchase a cute tassel key chain, like this adorable one with a horse, this chic leather one, or this cute monogram version.  Or try a fancier version, like my aquamarine gemstone beaded tassel necklace.


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