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Give Yourself the Gift of a New Skill (For Free!)

I love picking up new skills and there are so many that I would love to learn, from making something on a pottery wheel to learning to crochet.  I will always love the written format because I like being able to print out a recipe or set of instructions, scribble notes and highlight things, but I often retain things better if I’m being shown a new skill.  Plus, when I’m doing a boring task that doesn’t require much brain power, I like to play videos in the background.

That’s why I was really excited when Skillshare reached out to me to try their online learning community with over 18,000 classes.  Something I’m sure the other 3+ million students experienced: I had a difficult time narrowing down my selection.  There are so many amazing classes!  Skillshare is also offering Dans le Lakehouse readers a two month free trial so keep reading to find out about this amazing site.

I took a pottery class!  Finally!  Now I really, really want to sign up for the real thing and actually use a pottery
wheel, but this class was amazing at showing me the basics and letting me understand the process.  Making a mug seems like a simple first project to make and I feel like I could really do it from this straightforward tutorial.

I also sampled a fitness class that really gave my core a great workout!  The instructor had such a calming presence, she really made the class feel enjoyable.  Even if my abs are aching a little now.

When I was working in First Nations communities, the company I was contracted by led motivational wellness
workshops, so I decided to check out some of the health and wellness classes on Skillshare because that’s become a passion of mine.  I loved seeing a teacher with a PhD (yay!) and her workshop on emotional intelligence was so in depth.  I appreciated the way it was broken into segments so I could do a little bit each day.  It was a great refresher
course for me and one that I would really recommend to people.

In the middle of the workday, I took a mini relaxation course.  This was the type of video I often showed in my
own workshops, but it had been too long since I followed one myself.

There are so many other classes I want to try!  I definitely need help with my photography – a chronic plea – so I’m going to take a few photography classes to learn how to use my camera better.  There are some crafty projects I wouldn’t mind seeing either.

I love Skillshare because it’s free from commercials so I can really just listen to or watch these videos with interruptions.  It was so nice to play some while I puttered or worked, but some of them I’ll really need to carve out some time and focus – like those photography classes!

If you’ve been curious about Skillshare, you’re in luck because you can try them out for FREE for two months simply by clicking here.  Skillshare normally costs between $8-$15 a month for unlimited access to all classes, so this is a really good deal to try them out.  A membership also makes a great gift for that hard-to-buy-for loved one, or just a gift for yourself to help meet your New Year’s Resolutions.

This post was sponsored by Skillshare but all thoughts and opinions are my own.


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