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Zooey Deschanel in Person + Other Goodness

I’ve been a little stressed out about selling the townhouse and finishing up my dissertation but luckily, what seems like ages ago, Hubs and I bought wristbands for an outdoor music festival happening in our city right now.  With the prospect of carrying two mortgages looming, we’re in serious penny pinching mode so I’m so happy we had this little treat all paid for, just waiting for us.  Around here we often joke about Past-us looking out for Future-us, like the time we went away for a trip and I hid the key to the filing cabinet inside the spare toilet paper roll in the bathroom.  Past-me knew Future-me would forget where I put it, but knew that Future-me would eventually reach for the spare roll and, voila, the key!  Past-me somehow knew I’d need a little fun right now.  We’ve been going almost every night and it’s been such a sweet way to cap off a day.

The teenager that dwells within me is super excited I got to see Weezer (of course, I’ve only been a fan since I was 10).  We also saw The Black Keys, Dixie Chicks, and Mother Mother, in addition to Hub’s favorites – what Jessica Day refers to as “computer music”.  Speaking of New Girl, last Friday saw us ankle deep in mud to hear She & Him and they were fabulous.  I was wowed by how much energy Zooey has, plus her voice is so much more powerful live than in their music videos.  And she wore a pretty dress.

I actually bought a pretty dress of my own with the She & Him concert in mind.  When we last went to the States I bought a few dresses (I live in summer dresses), and when I bought this one I said to Hubby, “I’m totally wearing this for Zooey!”

But then it rained and it was a muck-party by the time She & Him hit the stage.  I ended up wearing my weirdo-attracting orange dress (this one), not caring if I ruined it.  Of course it survived.  And it hasn’t lost its mojo, Hubby is my witness.  The flats I wore serve as proof of my fandom.  I waded to the muckiest area to get super close, at which point my shoes ensured as much mud as possible gushed in.  Totally worth it.

Oh yeah, and on our way to Weezer, I spotted this lovely vintage chair curbside.  With a move looming, Hubby has been even more reluctant to facilitate my garbage-picking but I convinced him to help me shove this in the car and we made it to the concert only slightly dusty.  It’s a project, for sure . . .

Such a swell week.  I needed this.  Happy weekend!!



  1. Jenny @ Simcoe Street
    July 12, 2013 / 12:05 pm

    Sounds like such a fun evening!

    • Tanya from Dans le Townhouse
      July 12, 2013 / 2:22 pm

      The festival has been during the day, too, but I've loved the evening shows because it's cooler. We've been having the hottest, humidest evenings!! But it has been a lot of fun, I'm sad it's almost over.

  2. CaseyinTO
    July 12, 2013 / 12:22 pm

    I love Zooey! and I really love that dress you boughthappy weekend!

    • Tanya from Dans le Townhouse
      July 12, 2013 / 2:22 pm

      Thanks! I'm glad I saved it from the muck because I think it might be one of my favorite dresses now.

  3. Amy
    July 12, 2013 / 12:49 pm

    How funny! I've been at bluesfest all week… and I was definitely ankle deep in muck for Zooey, as well! We were right there and didn't "meet"! Funny how that happens. Are you going to any more shows this weekend?

    • Tanya from Dans le Townhouse
      July 12, 2013 / 2:24 pm

      I was in bright orange, did ya spot me, lol? I was on the left side (when you're looking at the stage). Were you nearby? It's so funny we were at the same show.Wasn't she amazing? And she wore tights in that heat – is she superhuman? Hubby's picks this weekend and I'm too embarrassed to say . . . how about you? Who else have you seen?

    • Amy
      July 12, 2013 / 3:20 pm

      I didn't! I was on the right side of the stage, under the big screen. I loved every second of it — and I couldn't believe the tights either!! She did seem very small in person, so perhaps she can't retain body heat…lol.I've seen The Black Keys too (wasn't the sound almost whisper quiet for a concert??), Fun. (amazing), The Specials (they have a song in Sixteen Candles – throwback 80s punk), and last night was this gem of a 60s funk/gospel group called The Relatives. The (small) crowd was all dancing up a storm.I was just looking at the line-up for the weekend (I won't be there tonight – boo, work!) and the bands are generally pretty random so I'll probably be wandering! No need to be embarrassed about hubby's picks!

    • Tanya from Dans le Townhouse
      July 12, 2013 / 3:47 pm

      That's what I'm thinking. I'm also thinking maybe she doesn't want people looking up her dress! I'd be worried about that on stage.The Black Keys were so quiet!! And super bass-y. I think they were having some technical issues. Oooo, The Specials sound cool – never heard of them.We're seeing Skrillex, lol. Did I even spell that right? We also saw Zed's Dead and part of Bauer because of Hubby. It cracks me up.Such a random collection for the whole thing. I wish I'd known earlier Bluesfest isn't Bluesy – I just assumed! This is our first year going and now we're leaving the city . . . 🙁

  4. Ashley
    July 12, 2013 / 1:11 pm

    That chair! It's fantastic. And apparently I 've been living under a rock because I had no idea that Zooey sings.

    • Tanya from Dans le Townhouse
      July 12, 2013 / 2:26 pm

      I'm still thinking the chair is too good to be true. It needs a total makeover, but the shape is gorgeous and it's comfy. Hubs is grossed out I sat in it at all. The wood arms (which I think are teak, but not sure), need a little TLC. I'll try to tackle those before deciding if I want to go ahead and reupholster.She does sing! Youtube She & Him – they have such cute videos!

  5. Vintage Market Place
    July 12, 2013 / 3:24 pm

    Wow what a wonderful group to see. I just adore both she and him and weezerI saw weezer years and years ago in a dive bar in St Louis. She and him are still on my list.But score with that chair. Those beauties are hard to come by nowadays.Have fun recreating it!Amy

    • Tanya from Dans le Townhouse
      July 12, 2013 / 3:49 pm

      Awww, your Weezer experience sounds awesome! We were totally swarmed by may flies and Rivers actually caught one and put it on the camera capturing the show for the big screen. It cracked me up but man were the bugs all over us!!!I'm excited about the chair – hoping I have room for it in the new place!

  6. cred
    July 12, 2013 / 4:05 pm

    Amazing! Good job on your past-self- what a nice treat amidst the busyness. I'm a weezer fan from back in the day, too (let's just say I was older than 10). I bet She & Him were amazing- would love to see them live.Love that chair- that would be a big, scary makeover for me. I think I would have to farm out the reupholstery work. But really lucky find!

    • Tanya from Dans le Townhouse
      July 12, 2013 / 5:00 pm

      Oh gosh, the chair is scary! I initially thought I would do it myself, but then I took a good look at it. It's complicated. I am going to try to refinish the wood myself and then see. Where we're moving, services are much cheaper so hopefully it won't be too expensive to just have it redone by pros. I had the guest room teak chair redone professionally and I have no regrets. The best DIYers know when NOT to DIY, lol. I first want to get all out furniture in the new house and see if it even fits!! Mom might end up stealing this one . . .

  7. Dora
    July 12, 2013 / 5:46 pm

    I love Zoey! She looks so cute in these pictures

    • Tanya from Dans le Townhouse
      July 12, 2013 / 5:53 pm

      Her dress was so pretty, it was backless (maybe a halter – it was hidden under her amazing hair, lol). She was so energetic, dancing and jumping a lot. I loved it!! She seemed so excited to be on stage.

  8. Gee
    July 15, 2013 / 12:04 pm

    Have the shoes survived or was that their swan song?

    • Tanya from Dans le Townhouse
      July 16, 2013 / 12:48 pm

      I washed the shoes, in case they were salvageable. The soles remained stained brown but the rest came pretty clean. The only downside: the rubber soles came unglued. But they were $8 at Walmart, and I've had them for five years, so I think it's time for them to rest in peace 🙂

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