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DIY Faux Flower Clutch Makeover – a Cute Floral Purse Project

I’m so excited to show you this cute floral purse project because this DIY faux flower clutch makeover is so easy and a great way to capture those spring vibes!

DIY Faux Flower Clutch Purse

You might think this floral craft project is inspired by the season, it’s actually inspired by an old television favorite that’s getting a reboot… Trading Spaces!  I still vividly remember the bathroom Hildi did, with 7000 fake flowers stapled to the walls! I remember being wowed by how epic that was – while struggling to comprehend how you clean a room with faux flower walls.  Although fake flowers and faux plants have worked their way back into contemporary decor (really), save for a couple exceptions (my DIY felted wool faux billy buttons and my recent DIY faux potted plant Anthro knock off ornament), I don’t really have much in the way of faux… until now!  This DIY floral purse has made me fall in love with faux blooms.

DIY Faux Flower Clutch Purse

I really love the look of so many faux flowers en masse, because they start to look less floral and more sculptural.

Beautiful Teal Faux Flowers

Channelling Hildi’s wild faux flower room (and also that equally incredible flower power jacket from Studio DIY), I set my sights on giving a bland, faux leather purse from the 1980s a bold look on a much smaller scale.  Here you can see the before, it was a pale grey 1980s crossbody bag.

How to Make a DIY Faux Flower Purse

This vinyl purse belonged to my grandmother, who was selling it at a yard sale for $3 but I scooped it up, knowing it would be the perfect starting point for making a DIY faux flower clutch.


How to Make a Faux Floral Clutch:

The first step was to remove the strap, which I think really dated this little purse.  Luckily, it was just tied to these loops inside (which I later used to affix my brass hoop handle.)

Next, I removed the faux flowers from the stems using wire cutters. I ended up removing any signs of foliage or greenery because the leaves detracted from the sculptural look I was after.  I also think they looked more “fake” than the flowers.

Teal Fake Flowers

With the flowers removed from the stems, I made sure they wouldn’t fall apart by giving them a little tug.  One or two blooms wanted to separate, so I used fabric glue to fuse the layers of “petals” together, close to the stem.  This glue was hidden but ensured the flowers stayed intact.

With the blossoms bundled, I arranged them on the flap of my purse, creating an asymmetrical arrangement that worked with the shape.  When I was happy with my arrangement, I used my favorite epoxy to affix the flowers, holding them in place for about five minutes and then using a clothespin to hold the flower for the remainder of the drying time.  I found it easiest to do a couple of blooms at a time, let them dry, and then keep gluing.  I love this epoxy because of its strength, but you could also try hot glue or E-6000 (I just wasn’t sure hot glue would stick to this slippery vinyl).

How to Turn a Purse into a Clutch

The final step was to use needle nosed pliers and jump rings to affix this large brass hoop I picked up at the craft store for $1.00.  I have wanted a clutch I could wear on my arm ever since a holiday party we attended a couple of years ago. My friend had a great clutch that she could loop onto her arm and be hands free for dancing while I had bought a gorgeous, retro-inspired gold clutch which I either had to literally clutch on to or wear with a long chain strap which – of course – got caught on my lace dress.  Eventually I just ditched it (the clutch – not my dress!) on the table and hoped nobody spilled wine on it.

I can’t wait for an event to wear my new DIY floral clutch!

DIY Faux Flower Clutch Purse

For this faux floral purse hack, the handle I added also offers up a place to hold this clutch without crunching the flowers.  However, these faux flowers are not as delicate as I predicted!  It’s so easy to open and close the snap on the purse and I can easily grab it anywhere – if I smush the flowers, they bounce right back.  I’m so surprised at how functional this little clutch remained, even festooned with flowers.

Upgrade a Plain Clutch with Faux Flowers

Faux Flower DIY Project Idea

I am in love with how this DIY faux flower clutch turned out!  I gave a sweet little 80s clutch that nobody wanted a fresh and bold spring makeover.  Now I’m thinking… faux flower throw pillow?

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DIY Faux Flower Clutch Makeover - a Cute Floral Purse Project

DIY Faux Flower Clutch PurseDIY faux floral clutch




  1. April 3, 2018 / 2:57 pm

    I love this! The flowers are such a beautiful colour too.

    • Tanya from Dans le Lakehouse
      April 3, 2018 / 3:15 pm

      Thanks so much!!

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