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Blast From the Past

Last May Hubby & I went to Portgual and France, where they wear the fancy pants (anyone get the reference?)  While in Paris, I bought this touristy magnet as a gift but I loved it so much that the intended recipient never received it.  I guess I’m greedy like that.  So you can imagine how completely jazzed I was to find seven antique postcards of my hometown and surrounding area – including the best lake in the world (hey, its called Lake Superior for a reason) that have the same turquoise wash and red lettering as my magnet.

If you’ve been reading Dans le Townhouse for awhile, you know I have a bit of a love affair with Lake Superior.  So I am extra happy to now own these:

I really love the turquoise wash on these postcards (that were originally tinted photographs).  Can you believe these have survived 100 years?

Only one of them was ever sent and it is dated June 4, 1912.  Check out the 1 cent stamp!

I know I want to frame them in white floating frames, like what I used for the small paintings in the hallway, and hang them in a row but I don’t know where. . . . see the townhouse Home Tour and give me your thoughts.  I feel like I am running out of wall space.

I need to track down seven of these white floating frames . . .



  1. Beatrice @
    September 26, 2011 / 3:35 pm

    Thats such a great find. I know the problem with running out of wall space. I thought I saw some floating frames at Chapters. Good luck!

  2. My Beautiful Life
    September 26, 2011 / 4:00 pm

    Those are going to look so sweet framed. Does ikea have any floating frames?

  3. Lesley
    September 26, 2011 / 5:15 pm

    I say when you run out of wall space you build a new wall! I am in love with so many photos and postcards and I want to hang them all.

  4. Tanya @ Dans le Townhouse
    September 26, 2011 / 5:35 pm

    Beatrice: my frames are from Chapters! Too funny. I went back and they only have two. So I am going to check other locations in my city and try to round up some more.Maybe I should try Ikea, too.Lesley, I like how you think. But building a wall seems like a lot of work. I think complaining about a lack of wall space seems simpler, no?

  5. Dana@Mid2Mod
    September 26, 2011 / 8:44 pm

    I love old postcards, and those are great!

  6. Carol@TheDesignPages
    September 26, 2011 / 9:31 pm

    I didn't know you were from up north. You're not still there are you? It's so interesting getting to know you better:) Love the postcards and I think it's going to look amazing all framed.

  7. Tanya @ Dans le Townhouse
    September 27, 2011 / 12:09 am

    Hi Carol, nope – Hubby & I now live in Ottawa, ON. And we miss Lake Superior everyday.

  8. Sudha
    September 27, 2011 / 1:44 am

    oh my Tanya, these are lovely i cant wait to see what u do with themjust yesterday, my husband and i were discussing about framing vintage post cards sent from location in Asia…DH's grand father was avid traveller and his job took him across Asia..we might get only two of his cards though:)

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